Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Macon County Treasurer.

Edward D. Yoder, Your Macon County, Illinois, Treasurer

Edward D. Yoder, Macon County Treasurer

My sincerest Thank You to ALL of my supporters!

Edward D. Yoder
Macon County, Illinois Treasurer

Hello! Welcome and Thank You for taking a few moments to learn more about me, Edward D. Yoder, your Macon County, Illinois, Treasurer. Please read through my website to learn more about me and discover why I am excited for the opportunity to serve you as the Macon County, Illinois, Treasurer for the next four years.

I was elected as your Macon County, Illinois, Treasurer in November 2010, and I was sworn into the office and assumed responsibilities on December 1, 2010. My role as your Treasurer is to issue property tax bills to all of the Macon County property owners and mortgage companies, collect property taxes, collect delinquent property taxes, dispense collected property tax revenues to the various local taxing bodies, negotiate interest rates and maintenance fees on the County’s funds, and administer the Senior Citizens’ Real Estate Tax Deferral Program. Every year, the Macon County, Illinois, Treasurer’s Office processes nearly 152 million dollars of property tax-generated revenue!

I have worked hard to modernize the Treasurer’s Office to improve service that is both efficient and dependable for you. I have included a page of links for your convenience to check out my fellow military veterans running in the other Macon County, Illinois, and local State offices.

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